Getting Started

Welcome to Hacker101! This page is designed to help you get the most out of our content. If you are new to bug bounties and web hacking, we highly recommend checking out our Newcomers Playlist where we show you the basics of web applications, the hacker mentaility, and how to write a good report. In addition to the Newcomers Playlist, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Burp Suite, learning the basics of Web Hacking , and checking out "Report Writing, Communication Tips, and Community Guidelines" to learn how to utilizie the platform to better communicate with triage and security teams.
Hacker101 also provides Capture the Flag (CTF) levels to help you practice and sharpen your skills. By finding as few as 3 flags, you’ll automatically be added to the priority invitation queue for private program invitations and will receive one the following day. For every 26 points you earn on the CTF, you’ll receive another invitation. Keep an eye on that progress bar and hack on to get the next invitation! Whether you’re a new hacker or you’re just new to our platform, this is a great way for you to dive into the deep end from day one.