Welcome to Hacker101!

Hacker101 is a free class for web security. Whether you're a programmer with an interest in bug bounties or a seasoned security professional, Hacker101 has something to teach you.

Getting Started

Hacker101 is structured as a set of video lessons – some covering multiple topics, some covering a single one – and can be consumed in two different ways. You can either watch them in the order produced as in a normal class (§ Sessions), or you can watch individual videos (§ Vulnerabilities). If you’re new to security, we recommend the former; this provides a guided path through the content and covers more than just individual bugs.

Additionally, we have a CTF (Capture The Flag) where you can hunt for bugs and experiment with exploitation in practice. You can access that here.




The coursework for Hacker101 has been deprecated in favor of the Hacker101 CTF. You can find the source for the old coursework here.

Help and FAQ

See our FAQ list at https://www.hackerone.com/hacker101 or email hacker101@hackerone.com with questions or suggestions. Thanks!