iOS Quickstart

In this session – the third and final in a series on mobile hacking – we discuss the structure of iOS applications, key differences between testing on iOS and Android, recommended tools, setup details, and some handy tips for hacking iOS apps.

What you’ll learn

  • Structure of iOS apps
    • IPA container
    • Encryption
    • Info.plist
  • Differences in testing iOS vs Android
    • Simulator vs Emulator
    • Native code vs Dalvik
  • Tools
  • Setting up your proxy
    • Instructions for Simulator
    • Instructions for physical devices
    • Installing the CA certificate
  • Jailbreaking
    • WARNING: Do not do this on any device with important data
  • Testing tips
    • Use bfinject to decrypt IPAs
    • Disable cert pinning with SSL Kill Switch 2 or Burp Suite Mobile Assistant
    • Install iPad-only apps on other devices with an Info.plist modification
    • Basic memory corruption bug hunting
    • Look at custom URL schemes


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