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About the Speaker

Chloé Messdaghi is a changemaker who focuses on innovating tech and information security sectors to meet today and tomorrow demands. For over 10 years, she has accelerated startups through solutions that empower organizations, products, and people to stand out from the crowd. Her work has earned her many distinctions, including being listed as one of the Business Insider’s 50 Power Players of Cybersecurity.Chloé is a trusted source for national and sector reporters and editors, as well as her research, op-eds, and commentary have been featured in numerous outlets, from Forbes and Business Insider to Bloomberg, and TechRepublic. She is a seasoned public speaker at major conferences, conventions, forums, and corporate events organized by industry associations and Fortune 500 companies. She serves or has served on several advisory groups, boards of directors, and nonprofit boards of trustees.


Did you notice a shift in your mental health and/or your colleagues? Burnout was at an all time last year due to the surreal 2020. As we approach the end of the pandemic, hopefully, we recognize how critical mental health plays when accomplishing goals and productivity output within security. Collectively, we have acknowledged that there’s a fine balance between hacking and personal life. Majority of the time, they cross over because how our industry functions. This talk dives into the factors that lead to burnout among security professionals in infosec, especially bug bounty hunters, and how to do better.